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What does “Bula! mean?”

What does “Bula! mean?”

Sep 7, 2010


Nowhere else in the world will the visitor hear a more heartfelt greeting then in the Fiji Islands. The renowned Fijian greeting “Bula!!” is to welcome you with affection and sincerity. The Fijians say it with such enthusiasm, as if they welcoming a long lost friend.

Fijians have a reputation of being the friendliest people on earth – smiling, generous and relaxed. You are sure to be captivated by their smiles and laughter. Here are some other Fijian words:

Good Morning: Ni sa yadra (ni sah yan dra)

Hello: bula (mbula)

Goodbye: ni sa moce (ni sa mothey)

Please: yalo vinaka (yalo vee naka)

Thank you: vinaka (vee naka)

Excuse me: tulou (too low)

Yes: io (ee-o)

No: sega (senga)

Eat: kana (kana)

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